Part One - is to complete the order on this page - you can then add your vest to cart, and pay for your vest at checkout.


Part Two - On the shopping cart page there is a 'click here' button that gives access to the customisation form. Our system requires completion of this before we can start production on the vest. Every vest is different and customers need to choose colours, wording etc, before we can produce the vest. If you do not return the order form promptly - production may be delayed.


If you have a specific logo there is a one off digitising fee of £19.50


Our custom made dog vest is a 2 colour vest, lined with breathable mesh and includes embroidered words of your choice.



Please note that D rings are not to be used to attach to a lead whilst walking your dog as they are not weight tested. We can add a slot to allow your harness D ring to be attached through the vest. They can be used to attach an extra lead to allow a child to help or to hang small items from


All our vests are washable at 30 degrees and come with care label.


All vests have side release clasp fasteners to the front and girth.


You can use the comments box at checkout to notify us of any special requests or to ask further questions. If you have a specific layout you require, please email or message a sketch of what you would like. If your choices are unclear, We might send a screenshot of the design on the software before we commence stitching and we remain in contact throughout the process. If you have any questions on this product please do not hesitate to contact us prior to order at


Payment must be completed before the product is made.

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